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UATutors took money from credit card and failed to find a suitable tutor for my son, he stalled, made excuses but promised a refund but still not received.Took money without authorisation from me far more than was agreed, I cancelled the card to prevent further withdrawals as not trustworthy, from what I have found out he would have carried on stealing this money if I had not done this.

This all started August 2011 and is still ongoing, I am considering court action as everything else has failed.

Discovered recently that Sky news did a documentary on the company run by Dr Vincent McKee a suspended Liberal Democrat politician who is being criminally charged and going to court in August this year.I am not alone, most of the people are students or parents of students, he preys on the frustration that often the support from Universities is not available and paying for the support is the only option.

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Exactly the same has happened to me. Unauthorised payments, no tuition delivered, he managed to take 3 unauthorised payments before I cancelled my card.



I've just been ripped off by this man in exactly the same way, only difference is, he did manage to take 2 amounts of money from my account before I cancelled my card - and obviously, no tutoring provided.Unfortunatley, I did not see your post before I first contacted UATutors but I am now following various different routes to try and get him stopped, in fact it was the police that pointed out your post and also, like you, I am now considering legal action.

Please can you get in touch with me if you are still persuing this.Thanks

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